We Are Now is an ongoing intergenerational project that began in 2015.  All elements of We Are Now celebrates intergenerational exchange and women.  We Are Now aims to empower and give space to women and girls, question the age segregation in our society and provide a positive counterbalance.

Hannah’s questions with the project are;

How do I create a space (and eventually performance) where adult / child and everything in between is equal? (ie. its not a workshop for children where adults can join in and visa versa).

How do I care for everyone's needs but also challenge / explore / stay true to my artistic practice?

How do I care for everyone's needs but move beyond social presumptions?

How can I be clear and also let things emerge?

How do I celebrate women and intergenerational exchange per-formatively/ through performance? 

To date, as part of her research, Hannah has produced two films in collaboration with film maker Rowland Hill, ran an all female intergenerational movement group and been in residency at Kala Sangam Bradford resulting in a performance as part of WOW Festival.

In 2018 Hannah was selected to be one of three artists in Yorkshire Dance’s year long Dance Partner Project programme and has used this support to continue her research and work towards a final intergenerational performance. In 2019 she was awarded the Leeds Dance Partnership Fellowship at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance. She will use the themes of We Are Now as a frame through which to think about education and develop her teaching practice.

Hannah has been working with photographer Sara Teresa to document the project and they plan to produce a We Are Now book.

Image credits Sara Teresa