Image credit Amy Buckley

Image credit Amy Buckley

The Mountain and Other Tales of She Transformed is a solo. It is a woman performing. It is a meditation on ‘feminism as the female command of space’ - the many things this could mean and the many ways it could manifest.

Inspired by mountains, fairytales and a 1970s body work book for women thoughts and feelings around the ‘female command of space’ are transfigured into movement, sound and imagery. The performance will feature a specially commissioned installation by multi disciplinary artist Nicola Singh.

Each performance of The Mountain and Other Tales of She Transformed will include a series of workshops aimed at female identifying and non binary people. The workshops will be curated around the themes of the performance and will include physical, practical and artistic sessions. The workshops will be spaces of reflection, restoration and empowerment.

The work will be developed through a 3 week residency at Dance4 where Hannah will lead 3 workshops, and it will then be performed at Yorkshire Dance on March 8th as part of ‘Encounters’. More info can be found here.

(The phrase ‘female command of space’ was coined by artist Jessy Tuddenham in response to research as part of Hannah’s previous work S/HE).