Woman With Eggs is a solo. It is about women’s ability to be many things. 

Influenced by fairy tales, real women and Kate Bush, Woman With Eggs uses text, movement and golden eggs to question the social expectations placed on women in relation to motherhood.

The piece premiered in 2014 being performed through out the UK, at venues such as The Place, Contact Theatre, Yorkshire Dance, York Theatre Royal, Dance City and Greenwich Dance.


Responses to Woman With Eggs 

'One of the most intelligent works I have seen at The Place' Nicholas Minns, reviewer for Writing About Dance.

'A beautifully conceived solo' Hailey McLeod, reviewing for The Place.

'It is an exciting collage of explorations on one topic' Ralph Pritchard, film maker.


Choreographed and performed by Hannah Buckley. Costume by Lauren Reyhani.

Made with support from Dance Manchester

Image credits - Amy Buckley and Brian Slater